First, I would like to say hi and welcome to all of you who click on the link of this post! You may want to find something here for a gift to someone special (including yourself!) or just want to have a look at our jewelry. But you may ask, how to choose the gem I want if I don’t know anything about them? So, here I want to have a short introduction of the 3 main gems on our website to provide a gift idea or just some fun stories for you!

1. Ruby

This is my favorite gem of all three! The word “ruby” comes from ruber, which is the word “red” in Latin. Rubies have various colors, from pastel to royal (between these two colors are hot pink, fuchsia, and pigeon’s blood, which is the most famous color among all the rubies). Rubies usually come from these 6 countries —– Burmese, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique and Afgan. Most of our jewelry including rubies come from Burmese and Mozambique. Ruby is also the birthstone of July! So, it is a good choice if you want to buy a gift for someone who was born in July! 

2. Pearl

The white, shining pearl is like a little moon on you. Like the stories we always heard in childhood, a pearl is born from something hard and glistening, like sand or a little stone. The sand or stone gets into the soft tissue of a living shelled animal, then becomes a pearl after a period of time. Usually, the beautiful and ideal pearls are round and smooth, but the pearls in other various shapes like baroque pearls can also be created into beautiful and unique jewelry. Also, the pearl is the birthstone of June!   

3. Onyx

The word “onyx” comes from the same word in Latin. Like ruby, onyx has various colors from white to black. The onyx jewelry on our website is all made of black onyx! In ancient times, this gem has been used for hardstone carving and jewelry, especially for the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The black onyx is very suitable for someone who likes a generous and ornate style, or just for a black jewelry lover! 

Thanks for reading and we hope you can find something you want after reading this little intro of the 3 gems!


Ruby Pearl and Onyx